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Zimbabwe 2016

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From: mutandwa ndoro <ndoromutandwa@gmail.com>
Date: August 10, 2016 at 8:15:26 AM CDT
To: Iva Hopper <ivahopper@icloud.com>
Subject: Re: Greetings

I promised Tony to send him something to post on his website of which
i have decided to send it through you.

I was Saturday the day Tonny was supposed to come but
changed to Sunday ,we could not able to communicate well to
other Churches changes ,they came Saturday .

I was a Sunday morning by 11am we have taken communion waiting
for the visitors to arrive ,we were singing while sitting .After
thirty minutes i went outside to make a call to check others
remained singing .
By 1230 they arrived and everyone was happy to see visitors
arriving .We introduced everyone present .

Without much time Tony was teaching beatitudes from Mat 5
.1-13 ,it seems this lesson is in his nerves as i vividly
remember him teaching in Malawi in 2014 .

Yes some of the questions were directed to me ,i could
sometimes answer and also fail to,

They way he interpreted the verses gave hope to some who
were hopeless as we suppose to trust our God who take
care .
He is a true teacher who is giving insights to what
the BIBLE is saying and giving a meaning , he said this
is the basic for Christians to understand .
We had lunch with them ,i do not know if enjoyed .We
cook Sadza .

We could not have enough time ,he left many begging for more
.The material that he left with me was requested by some
even Washington came the other day.

I could not hold my tears as they drove away .
I had a call from Beitbrige were they spend most of the
time that he exhausted ,i am becoming jealousy but God had
a plan for us.

We remember this great missionary ,father who sacrificed his time .

May the Lord bless him as he continue to share his word .

written by

Mutandwa Ndoro preaches at Igava Misssion Zimbabwe

On 8/8/16, mutandwa ndoro <ndoromutandwa@gmail.com> wrote:
Great to hear from ,right now in Harare for studies up to 21 .
The School has a library ,very hot here .Toady is a holiday however
we will be taking lessons .


Mutandwa Ndoro

On 8/5/16, Iva Hopper <ivahopper@icloud.com> wrote:
I'm so glad he got to be with you although he wanted more time. You are a
Jewel in Gods kingdom!! Glad you liked the gifts! I ran out of time to
plus the bag was full!!Tony really like Zim!! Beautiful country!! He's
getting ready for presentation at church. He can talk hours about you and
Zim and Beatitudes! Take care! Enjoy your school!
You might give book-Boy Who Harnessed Wind to your son to share at Nhowe.
Great story abt boy who did best to overcome problems. You'd enjoy it
Great lesson too. Much love to family and students. T took pics of WBS
but forgot to give to you! Dr. Summer Oneal sent a book Tia student who
asked lots of questions. She might share with school. Don't remember her
name. We like questions. Does school have a library? Great to hear from
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On Aug 5, 2016, at 3:28 AM, mutandwa ndoro <ndoromutandwa@gmail.com>

Great to hear from Tony ,thanks for allowing him to come unfortunate
came when we had our own problems as a country ,i could see you were
worried however he is safely home and recovering from the fatigue .

We closed Schools today and i also collected lessons from the Post
today .

Tony saw a number of students who became Christians because of W.B.S ,i
hope very soon he will be showing you photos .

I will starting my studies next Monday ,life in Harare is demandind
especially for me ,transport costs ,food and also studying materials
however the assistance helps but family is strained .

I will start on the 8 August and to finish on the 21 August ,ok i
shared with J .Newman about this here life is difficult .Thanks for
sending a book for the Sunday School and the gifts again .

We wanted more time with Tony but he was within a group however we
enjoyed .Our son joined us from School ,i believe i told you that our
son is staying in the orphanage home because he falls under the category
of the less preveledged at Nhowe Missio though at times disturbs him
know you know the story.

Thanks for assisting us many times ,

I am going to write in full about Tony 's visit at Igava

Yours ,







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