Dr. Hopper has studied and taught in the U.S. and Africa, including Zimbabwe, Togo, and Nigeria, and most recently in Malawi and Tanzania.




From: Evangelist Mazenza <evangelistmazenza1981@gmail.com>
Date: July 21, 2017 at 2:26:08 AM CDT
To: hopperwilliam@bellsouth.net
Subject: Brother Zondai Mazenza in Mutare Zimbabwe

Greetings from Hob_house Mutare Zimbabwe.I'm Zondai Mazenza a preacher at Hob_house Church of Christ and a WBS Follow up teacher in Mutare.
I cherish the good times we shared during your visit to Zimbabwe.I enjoyed mostly your teaching on Beatitudes in Mutare.I remember all the Greek words you taught us,the one I like most is" Makarios".
I have attached my picture for you to remember and identify me and I have send you again the pictures for a class that you taught the Beatitudes in Mutare.
You are really God's servant,be blessed.If there is anything that you want to know about me and the work at Hob_house Church of Christ feel free to ask.What a good teacher you are.
Pass my greetings to your wonderful wife.

In Christian Love,

Zondai Mazenza
Preacher/WBS in Zimbabwe



Latest email from: Jacob Randiek January 26, 2017

I am grateful in you having the desire to attend our seminar but we all understand the distance between us , Our hearts may be willing to do a certain things concerning the building of Kingdom of God but we are limit at times. Surely that is what really who you are my Elder,how then can I be offended with the guidance of your Elder ship wisdom...

Dr William, one thing I have learn of you is that you are a teacher of teachers and very good in encouraging the saints.
But above all you are a very good trainer of leaders, and somebody said that " if you Touch the Leaders, you Touch the Church, and if you touch the Church, you Change or Transform the Nation.." So your gifts is what we are always thirsting for and we have not found a motivational speaker for the leader's seminar as you, I personally loves giving feed-backs especially on my areas of interest of organizing for leadership seminars and discipleship courses, so our evaluation Dr. is that, you did wonderful work during the seminar at NGCS, your presentation was so powerful on the fundamental teachings of the Lord Jesus( the Beatitudes) may God strengthen you more for His service.

We are learning a lot through you Brother Tony, so I hope you will not feel irritated with some of the questions or desires we may be asking for because of our cultural background we may miss others things right, but we now understand what the statement meant... ( IN HONOR OF JACOB AND TOM), PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SAY THANK YOU,.. for letting others to know and to pray for all the hard work and sacrifice we are doing for the church in Kenya. Thanks for your wisdom words and guidance, though the reality remains that we are struggling to serve the community and always praying to God to connect us with people of like-minded to partner with for purpose of accomplishing the Great Commission Command of the Lord Jesus to GO HE.. AND..MAKE..

Otherwise I am blessed to have you in my life. My son would like to major in Information System and because of his academic abilities he has been desiring to advance his studies in the same if opportunity allows to come to US, we will appreciate.From his current and past academic performance record, he is sure of being among those with the First or Second Honor at LIU -( Livingstone International University) upon their graduation in June,2017.

Thank you Dr Tony,


Mutandwa Ndoro is the minister for the Igava Church of Christ in Zimbabwe and the counselor for Igava Primary and Secondary School.   Tony spent a part of a day there in August of 2016, and Ndoro says:
    "Tony was teaching the Beatitudes from Matt 5:1-13.   It seems this lesson is in his nerves as I vividly remember him teaching in Malawi in 2014.   He is a true teacher who is giving insights to what the Bible is saying and giving a meaning.   We could not have enough time without him; he left many begging for more.  I could not hold my tears as they drove away.   We remember this great missionary father who sacrificed his time.   May the Lord bless him as he continues to share His word."

added: Septembe4r 28, 2016

Samuel Tambala
September 16, 2014 at 3:13am
U did a good job here in Malawi and brethren were still speaking about ur good teaching . the cogregations want to see u again next yr if God wishes .greet IVA
Facebook Post

Thank yhou Dr. Hopper. You really helped us and i hope you will come again next year to finish the remaining beatitudes. We will arrange a five days seminar so that we understand Jesus Christ.

Have a nice day.

Amama bii

Ian Simkonda


"On July 18th, Tony Hopper arrived here...via Malawi where he had spent the previous two weeks there with various churches teaching lessons on the Beatitudes.   Tony has devoted many years of deep study into this part of the Bible, and he has an outstanding depth of knowledge of this part of the Sermon on the Mount.  He did 4 seminars here, plus taught some lessons here at the mission to both our preacher students and some of the other workers here at the mission.  Everyone who heard his lessons were very impressed and wanted to hear more, including myself.   At Mbuyuni where he taught the first seminar, there were 3 baptisms.  We are hoping that Tony gets to return next year along with his wife Iva Kate.   There are still a lot of people in this area that need to hear these lessons, including many of our preachers."  
Bill Stinson
Chimala Mission Hospital and Schools
Box 724
Mbeya, Tanzania, East Africa


"From one who has participated in the Sunday-school class version, I can attest the lessons are powerful and meaningful."  
Alice Doran, Texas

Dear Brother (Dr) Tony,
"Greeting in the name of our risen Saviour Jesus Christ.   How is your family, the church where you worship and your great teaching of the Beatitude to the entire human race?....I am going through your study manual.   It is a light to the preachers/church leaders in Nigeria especially myself.   Attach is the photograph of my family, the church where I preach and the baptism I mention (last Sunday during a teaching on the Beatitudes one precious sould was added to the church through the water of baptism."
Mojima Umo Etokudo, Minister
Ikot Odiong in Ukanafun church of Christ,
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

"We thank you so very much for your very deep and inspiring teaching.   I shall never look at the Beatitudes in the same way again."
Merle Haynes, Montgomery, Alabama

God bless you and your wife in this work. You remain in my prayers."
Wilburn Bullington
Former long-time elde, Vaughn Park Church of Christ, Montgomery, Al




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