Dr. Hopper has studied and taught in the U.S. and Africa, including Zimbabwe, Togo, and Nigeria, and most recently in Malawi and Tanzania


None required
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Material for Lessons:

One day seminars:
*6 hours, covers first 4 beatitudes


Two day seminars
*Two 6 hour days, covers all 8 beatitudes


Weekend seminars
*Friday night, 6 hours on Saturday, all 8 beatitudes


*Sunday school class gives overview look at Beatitudes
*Sermons focus on practical applications


Mission  Trips
*Preacher Training School seminars
*Area-wide congregational seminars
*Evangelization campaigns in unchurched areas focus on the happiness that does not depend upon one's external circumstances.


All classes and seminars discuss the meanings of the Beatitudes from the perspective of the original Greek.    Interactive discussions allow for sharing and questions.   Many examples and meaningful stories are shared.   The many  references throughout the Bible which relate to these verses in Matt 5:1-13 are explored extensively.  

Lessons feature how Jesus is the epitomy of each of the 8 attitudes discussed in Matt 5:1-13, and that the Beatitudes describe the heart of Jesus.   The Sermon on the Mount is the Sum and Substance of Christianity, and the Beatitudes are the "essence of the essence".     Emphasis is placed on how genuine happiness comes from "being something" instead of "having something".    The  blessings which come from achieving the 8 attitudes are  explained and explored in a practical, meaningful way.  


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