Dr. Hopper has studied and taught in the U.S. and Africa, including Zimbabwe, Togo, and Nigeria, and most recently in Malawi and Tanzania.



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Photos from Africa Trip July 2017




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A photo from the recent Zimbabwe trip updated 9/20/2016

Dr. Hopper at Nyang'iela Christian School (NCS) near Oyugis, Kenya, 2015.

With my friend LUCI, one of the widows of the Nyang'ieal community. Luci has severe cataracts with no resources to have them repaired.

Dinner is served at the Hill Breeze Hotel in Oyugis, Kenya. This dinner was prepared by Walter Obama, Assistant Chef and cousin of Barack Obama!

Teacher Nora of NCS with her Baptismal Certificate after the Gospel Chariot Campaign Sunday in Nyang'iela.

Baptisms at Nyang'iela after Gospel Chariot Campaign, 2015. Notice the baptistery is a metal structure inside the truck.

Safari in Maasai Mara Reserve, with Tom Opondo and Jacob Randiek. Tom is Registrar of Nairobi Great Commission School (NGCS), and Jacob is Director of EXtention Schools for NGCS.

Children at Joyland Christian Academy in Rabuor, Kenya, 2015. I related to them the story of Helen Keller.

Tony speaking at NCS with Headmaster Reuben translating. The school, stated two years ago, is now up to about 80 students.


Kenya and Malawi 2014


Christopher Opondo, preacher
Christopher Opondo, preacher

hut with famous Ngong Hills in the background
Hut with famous Ngong Hills in the background

Nairobi Great Commission School
Nairobi Great Commission School

Tony with Chief Malek
Tony with Chief Mzee Malek

Tony with beautiful ladies
Tony with beautiful ladies

Tony with the village matriarch
Tony with the village matriarch

July 2011 trip to Malawi and Tanzania
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Malawi Photos
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